🔘Decentralized Computing

Decentralized computing is at the core of gmAI's vision, empowering users to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence while ensuring transparency, security, and scalability.

gmAI leverages a decentralized network of node operators who contribute their computing resources to tune and train AI models.

Data Tuning Phase

In the data tuning phase, data from both users and pre-trained AI models undergo optimization to enhance performance and accuracy. This process requires an enormous amount of computing resources. By applying decentralized computing technologies, gmAI ensures the speed and continuity of the tuning process.

Serving Components

gmAI serves essential components to enable decentralized computing:

1. Pre-trained AI Model

The heart of gmAI's functionality lies in its pre-trained AI models, meticulously crafted to perform specific tasks with precision and reliability. These models undergo continuous tuning and optimization, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of AI innovation.

We offer a diverse range of models, including LLM and stable diffusion, enabling you to seamlessly integrate them and construct workflows from rudimentary to intricate by providing straightforward instructions. Additionally, our platform includes models that amalgamate those of similar types, yielding enhanced accuracy compared to individual models.

2. AI Agents

AI agents perform these functions continuously:

  • Perceiving dynamic conditions in the environment

  • Acting to affect conditions in the environment

  • Using reasoning to interpret perceptions

  • Problem-solving

  • Drawing inferences

  • Determining actions and their outcomes

Decentralized Computing Process

The process of decentralized computing within gmAI encompasses data tuning, model serving, and infrastructure management. By combining these elements seamlessly, gmAI facilitates the creation and deployment of AI-driven solutions that are transparent, secure, and scalable.

Integration with Feature Store

Combined with the Feature Store, gmAI generates APIs & SDKs that enable seamless integration with other decentralized applications (dApps). This integration empowers developers to leverage gmAI's AI capabilities within their own applications, unlocking new possibilities for innovation and collaboration within the decentralized ecosystem.

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