🗳️Feature store

The Feature Store in gm.ai serves as a core repository for machine-learning data. It enables the processing and management of feature data essential for training and inference tasks.

Features of the Feature Store:

  • Data Pipelines: Run pipelines to transform raw data into feature values.

  • Data Storage: Store and manage feature data efficiently.

  • Data Serving: Serve feature data consistently for training and inference purposes.

Data Sources in gm.ai

gm.ai processes data from both on-chain and off-chain sources, providing a comprehensive view of the ecosystem. These sources include:

On-chain Data:

  • ChainScans

  • Analytics

  • DeFi

  • General

Off-chain Data:

  • Social Sentiment

  • Website Analytics

Use case

gmAI has the potential to provide in-depth explanations of Solana meme coins, leveraging its capability to aggregate and analyze data from diverse sources:

  • On-chain transactions

  • Twitter posts

  • Images

  • Discussions within Telegram chats

gmAI aims to be *the* AI for Solana.

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