⛓️gmAI Framework

Fueled by pre-trained AI models that continuously ingests real-time data streams, gmAI arms developers with powerful APIs and SDKs to effortlessly integrate AI capabilities into their dApps.

gmAI consists of 3 main components, each playing a crucial role in its functionality:

  • Data

  • Decentralised Computing

  • Dapps for AI

Equipped with comprehensive understanding and insights into the entire ecosystem of Solana protocols, along with a deep familiarity with their publicly available source codes, gmAI can:

  • Answer the most complex and nuanced questions related to Solana's ecosystem (even meme-coins related ones)

  • Execute on-chain swaps on user's command (fully trustless & non-custodial)

  • Perform a series of on-chain transactions on a pre-set objective


  • Swap from asset A to asset B, stake asset B in protocol X for optimized yield.

  • When yield on protocol Y is higher, move staked assets automatically from X to Y.

And pretty much any other possible action, as long as it is on-chain.

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