🪙$GM Tokenomics

Ticker: GM

Chain: Solana

Total Supply: 1 Billion

Official Mint Address: TBD

  1. Community

The tokens allocated to the community are linearly unlocked over a period of 8 years. This means that a consistent, proportional amount of tokens will become available to the community regularly over this duration. The tokens will be distributed through various staking and incentives campaign, in line with the foundation's vision and voted on by the community.

  1. Pre-sale

Pre-salers were the sole investors of the project.The tokens allocated for the pre-sale are fully unlocked at the TGE.

  1. Liquidity & Airdrop

Similar to the pre-sale, the tokens reserved for liquidity and airdrop purposes are fully unlocked at the TGE. This strategy ensures that sufficient liquidity is provided for the token and that promotional activities via airdrop can commence immediately.

  1. Foundation

The tokens allocated to the foundation are linearly unlocked over 6 years. This approach is intended to ensure the sustainability and operational efficiency of the team managing the project. By gradually releasing these tokens, the core team can transparently plan long-term development, operations, and governance without the risk of sudden large sell-offs.

The $GM token serves multiple roles within the gmAI protocol:

  1. Decentralization: It helps to decentralize the gmAI protocol, ensuring that control and governance are distributed among the community rather than centralized in a single entity.

  2. Value Accrual: The token captures economic value generated within the protocol and redistributes it to token holders. This include but not limited to staking rewards, revenue sharing, burn, and airdrops.

  3. Rewards: Community members, core contributors, and other stakeholders are rewarded with $GM tokens for their contributions and support.

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